JURA water filter system

Using the JURA water-filtering system guarantees freshly filtered, delicious-tasting water for tea and coffee every time. Designed to satisfy even the most stringent quality and service requirements, it is setting a new standard in the food service and vending industries. It is connected directly to your water supply.

The modular JURA water-filtering system consists of the filter cartridge, the filter head and the connection pipe. The JURA water-filtering system is ideal for use with all JURA coffee machines with a permanent water connection.

JURA filter cartridge
For a whole range of valuable benefits:

• Reduced service costs thanks to protection against calcification
• Machines are more efficient and have a longer service life
• Reduces likelihood of machine failure
• Coffee with a perfect crema, full aroma and pleasant fragrance
• Tailor-made for JURA coffee machines

When you first start using the JURA water-filtering system, the programmable settings must be changed to ensure that the machine does not prompt you to change the filter as normal after 50 litres. This may only be carried out by authorised JURA service partners.

The VENDING application describes the preparation of hot water beverages without producing steam. The specified capacities are guidelines and may vary depending on the machine type. We would be more than happy to make a specific recommendation for your machine type. Please note that the water filter has a lower litre capacity with steam production.

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