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JURA Coffee App

Customised coffee from your tablet

Some people like their coffee hot and strong, others mild and milky. The new JURA Coffee App allows you to easily transfer your personal coffee preferences to your tablet and benefit from numerous setting and programming options on the automatic coffee machine linked via Bluetooth®. The settings saved on the machine are not affected.

Customise your start screen, give your favourite specialities new names or an image of your choice and program your specialities just as you like them. Simply touch the tablet and your favourite speciality flows into the cup.

All you need is the optional Smart Connect Bluetooth® transmitter, that can be easily connected to the interface, and the JURA Coffee App, available for both iOS and Android.

Technical requirements of tablet

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Bluetooth
Compatible with:
The app can be downloaded here:

* (Software version EF657M_V02.21 and higher) If you have any questions about software versions, please contact the JURA hotline.

Customised coffee

Customise the coffee strength, amount of coffee and water and temperature of your favourite specialities to your preferences and experience customised coffee pleasure every time you prepare a coffee via your tablet.

Customised access

The app's start screen can be customised. Position your favourite specialities on the start screen and arrange them as you like. Once you launch the app, you are taken to your favourite speciality coffee by the most direct route possible.

Customised product names

"Robert's morning coffee", "My Star" or "Cappuccino special". Give each speciality coffee a different name. The JURA Coffee App allows you to name all products in a few easy steps.
Customised image

Are the standard product images for latte macchiato, cappuccino etc. a bit dull for you? No problem, select an image from your gallery or use one of your own photos. Your screen will be given an individual makeover in a flash.

Customised machine data

All machine data, including preparation, day and maintenance counters, can be read electronically at any time and emailed to you manually or automatically* if desired.

Customised prompts

Messages about the machine's status (e.g. fill water, fill beans, empty coffee grounds) are sent automatically, so they always reach the relevant people. This ensures that the coffee machine is always ready for use.

* Android allows e-mails to be sent automatically. iOS requires a brief confirmation via the user interface.

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